Bred from the least of dragons, the wyvern mounts of the Sky-Cavalry were the terror of the Imperial armed forces. They are fierce, untractable, and cleverer than any other beast of burden, but they are to dragons as a housecat is to a lion.

They are more regular in their appearance than dragons, with lean, snakelike bodies attached to powerful and feathered wings with brilliant plumage. Their long necks end in an egg shaped beaked head, with a crest of feathers and curving, ramlike horns. The earliest wyverns had razor sharp horns and spat venom, but over time these traits have been bred out so that they would present less danger to their riders. However, they still posess the habit of spitting like camels.

With the collapse of the Empire, most wyverns have gone feral. Colonies of them can be found in most ruins and many large cities. Ulike dragons, who tolerate each other, wyverns nest in large flocks.

They are cleverer than most animals, and are greatly enamoured of shiny objects.