The Hrduk-Ur (both singular and plural) or People of the Mountain are a short, stout, bearded people known variously as gnomes in Stylle, dwarves in (Rangerland) and dvergar in (Plains).

Caste SystemEdit

People of Jewels, Gnotak-ur

Nobility, aristocracy, warrior elite.

People of Gold (Lit. People of the Rare Metals) Djozed-ur

Mages, scholars, priests

People of Iron (Lit. People of the Working Metals) Khazed-ur

Artisans, craftsmen, merchants, and soldiers

People of Stone, Hrund-ur Laborers, farmers, and miners

People of Dirt, Tchak-ur Criminals, outcasts, and oathbreakers. No clans.

Language (Hrdukach)Edit

Caste Name Clan kaz Patronymic

Khazed-ur Ghrogn Hrakkodin kaz Khurn (kaz et cetera)

b d g h k m n p r t v w z hr kh tch dj zh gn th

Like chewing stones.

The Hrduk 'r' is pronounced from the throat, as is the h.