Cambions, or changelings, are mutant children of nymphs who are abnormally mortal (most often human, but Hrduk, Amennari, and Shaalir changelings are not unknown). They age at a the rate of their mortal donor, consume food as a mortal, and their nymph mothers are incapable of caring for such a child. As such, they are abandoned to the nearest mortal settlement, to be raised by them. Given the remote nature of many nymph domains, cambions may be left on the nearest crossroads, or raised by such unlikely parents as centaurs,

What becomes of the cambion next varies. Some die, either from problems with the mixing of their blood or exposure because they weren't found quickly enough. Some are mistreated, seen as fey and inhuman. Some are treated with a kind of reverence, for fear that mistreating them will bring down the mother's wrath.

Changelings always have some kind of mental oddity, ranging from minor eccentricity to debilitating disorder. They also have a degree of magical power related to the powers of their nymph mothers, and an aptitude for witchcraft.